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Leaving The Netherlands

Leaving The Netherlands

By on Sep 12, 2013 in Reflections | 1 comment


The months leading to our departure were a true roller coaster. As one would expect, lots of things had to be taken care of. These are small, annoying things that a person normally postpones until infinity. All these little things consume a great amount of time because we had to deal with so much different companies and organizations. The ‘check, check, double check‘ process once again proved to be very important as lots of call-center employees didn’t prove to be as trustworthy as one would hope.

Saying goodbye to our friends and family lots of times was time consuming and emotional (yes we want to leave, yes we’re going to miss you). We also were in the process of leaving for such a long time that we were really fed up preparing for it.


Visa tip: Make sure you consult an agency specialized in visa-requests. In our case, the Brazilian government requested that we already bought a return flight/flight out of the country to show on arrival. What we didn’t know was that this had to be within the visa period of 90-days, this almost caused us to miss our flight!

At the airport, friends and family took the time to say goodbye in the middle of the night and the traditional goodbye beer (Airports contain all time zones ­čśë ) tasted as good as ever. After wrapping our luggage in plastic (highly recommended when traveling with a backpack) we’ve encountered a huge problem when checking in, we managed to get accepted on the flight 1 minute before the check-in closed! So much for the emotional goodbye, RUN RUN RUN!

Last, but definitively not least

A big┬áTHANK YOU┬áto our dear friends who offered us a place to sleep or even their complete house (with Jacuzzi ­čÖé ) when we were in between house and flight! (Fam. Van der Straten, De Jong, Mellaart, Straver and Roch).

Another huge THANK YOU to Fam. van Wijk for taking care of our amazing cat Henkje and Fam.Straver for stepping in to provide shelter for our sensitive cat Ziva.

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  1. Very nice representation of that last night in the Netherlands, including the friends, beer, stress and emotions ­čÖé
    Take care and have a great time there! I hope you will soon see some sun again…

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