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7 kilograms left

7 kilograms left

By on Oct 3, 2013 in Reflections | 1 comment

The past year we’ve seriously started working to achieve our plans for a trip through South-America.

The first step was to save some money. The realization that more money equals more freedom worked addictive. Being aware of how I spent my money gave me a sense of control.

The second step was to get rid of all our stuff. About two months ago we’ve started selling, discarding and giving everything away. I’d never imagined this would be so hard. Compulsive reasoning about the (emotional) value and future usage of the stuff that I wanted to get rid off, turned out to be a stressful process. This extreme ‘de-cluttering’ showed me how much I owned that no longer served me.

The third step was the hardest. Letting go of patterns, habits and even people is a painful process and I needed courage to do this. But it opened up so much space to set new goals and redefine what is truly important in life. Living with only the most essential necessities gave me structure and an overview, something I’ve never been able to create at home, but always longed for!

Our journey has not started yet, but I have already learned an important lesson; a simple life makes me happy!

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